"The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them..." Bernard M. Baruch

Focusing on individuals, groups and families with trauma and addiction


Focusing on adolescents, adults,  couples,  families and groups,  who are exploring life transitions, anxiety, trauma and the effect of other's addictions in their life. 

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Welcome To My Site

Welcome. I'm so glad that you have arrived at my website and hope that I can take a moment of your time to share a bit about myself and what I try to provide in my practice. I am both a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Art Therapist. I consider each client and our relationship to each other unique, and the space we occupy in each session to be filled with safety, and a great potential for insight, growth and transformation. And laughter, yes, even laughter.  I deeply believe in my clients, just as those special people in my life have chosen to believe in me and inspired me to become a therapist.

 A lot of people ask me about what art therapy is and if I use it with everyone. While I do explain what art therapy is in a separate section on this website - no, I do not use it with all of my clients. As an art therapist, I have faith in its therapeutic strength,  but for those who are really resistant to participate in this way, it is absolutely not a must - I use many tools in my practice, and this is only one of them.  My practice focuses on adolescents, adults,  couples and families who are exploring life transitions, anxiety, trauma and the effect of other people's addictions in their life.